Mike Martinez

Mike Martinez

Mike Martinez is an entrepreneur with founder and board member experience. His expertise in operations and finance leadership focuses on an analytic approach that leverages technology and data to guide decisions, develop growth, efficiencies, and transparency within organizations.

Mike's passion in sustainability and environmental impact have a core foundation in helping innovators amongst the blue economy and carbon offset markets navigate the early stages of operating a business within a new industry to enhance potential to scale.

Many of Mike’s efforts have been in emerging industries for both venture backed and bootstrapped companies. Mike has performed direct consulting work for a number of organizations and also held leadership roles.

Previously, Mike spent time in the internet technology world working at high frequency digital ad trading marketplace (programmatic advertising) where he worked on many key projects around supply chain optimization, quality control, and corporate development. During this time, Mike sat on elite IAB industry working groups focused on Anti-Piracy and Anti-Fraud on the internet.

Mike has an MBA from Pepperdine, a Certificate in Business Analysis from CalTech, and holds both academic and media publications in applied data analysis.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-martinez-97867165/